Amanda Yee product design
Amanda Yee product design

Hi there,

I’m Amanda, a product designer who loves identifying and solving problems in a visual way. I’m passionate about climate change and strive to make a positive impact on our environment. Some of my super powers are my resilience, positivity, and ability to navigate and adapt to change.

So far, my biggest accomplishments have been as a founding teammate. I designed, researched, launched and iterated on key features that would become the base of Drift today. Specifically, the chat widget used on over 50,000 websites, the Meetings product that's booked 500,000+ customer meetings, the gmail extension downloaded by 10,000+ users, the scalable billing system to support mutliple pricing strategies over 5 years, and more.

Catch me...

I love hiking and exploring new places through nature. I have endless amounts of curiousity and occasionally share fun facts about the places I’ve been.

When not outside, I'm getting muddy at the pottery wheel Want to get in touch? Send a message - talk soon!